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Thread: Beluga Lake Area - Moose Hunting

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    Default Beluga Lake Area - Moose Hunting

    I am headed out the next week for an exploration trip at a friend's new land around the Beluga Lake area with the intent to hopefully find some moose. Has anybody moose hunted this area and care to give any suggestions?

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    Don't know about moose out there, but definitely be ready to see some bears.

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    That seems to be a reoccurring theme about the area. We will be north of Beluga Lake. I have heard a few positive things but never been out there.

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    Its a good location. Spruce stands and swamp. The advice in the video "love thunder and bull" will work out there. If you can find a swamp they like to gravitate to during the rut you will be golden if you just sit on it, and maybe rake and grunt a bit now and then.

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    Thanks for the information, Phish! Just watched both videos the other day and love to call moose.

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    A lot of CIRi native land around that area . Easy to pull up on the Internet and check their maps.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Bearsnack. We will be north of CIRI land so nothing to worry about there.


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