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Thread: Mal's 2016 caribou hunt...continued.

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    Default Mal's 2016 caribou hunt...continued.

    At last, I was able to scratch out a day to get Mal back out to go look for her caribou. With her job over the long weekend at the fair, school work, and having to share time between two households…… was kind of tough to get a day in. It had to be a day trip, because she only had Saturday off. So, I decided to leave the horses behind and take her to a place that had always been consistently fair for caribou. I used to go to this spot quite a bit BH (before horses) and did ok. Never a ton around, but generally would at least see some. We pulled into the parking area early, to a nice 24 degrees, but absolutely gorgeous sunny day. I told Mal to dress warm, and pointed at the temp. She asked “is that thing broke? …. nope..” We unload the 4 wheeler and load up our stuff and take off. We just had the one 4 wheeler, as the other one is still at the cabin, so I knew this was going to be a tight fit if we got a caribou. We headed out to our spot, and did some searching around. Seen some tracks and a few trees that were rubbed, with velvet still hanging on them. We talked a bit, and glassed a bit and kept things pretty low key. At about 2, I decided we’d go look at one area that had a pretty big clearing nearby, and then do some exploring on the 4 wheeler to other areas. We walked out the clearing, and then out to a little sand mound that has always given a good vantage point for the area. As we get to the top of the small sand mound, I spot some white behind a tree that was to my front. I sort of leaned over to the left and seen a decent bull looking at me at about 80 yards. I whispered to Mal, hey, bull….get your gun ready. So, she quietly drops to a knee and slowly racks a round in the chamber. She puts the rifle on the bipod and just starts to squeeze the trigger when it begins walking behind the tree. We move a little to the right, find a good spot to have her lay down and shoot, and realize there are actually two nice bulls standing there looking at us. She picks the one that gives her a clear shot, he’s quartering on pretty hard, but it’s only at about 80 yards. Shot goes off, I watch him stumble hard on the front leg then slowly turn that half circle of death….and then sort of rears back and falls over. Mal gets another nice bull…….and we put an end to the 2016 caribou season. We put in some time for the caribou this year, and it appears that it all paid out. The smile on her face told me it was all worth the effort. So, we get the caribou apart, and loaded on the 4 wheeler. Now, we have two humans, my hunting gear and this bull all on the 4 wheeler and head out. The gypsy caravan again…..Get back to the parking lot at about 7, and drive over to the Eureka road house to have our celebratory dinner. So, there you have it…..the rest of the story….

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    Excellent! Way to get it done yet again!

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    What a gal and what a dad,congrats one more time
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    That's awesome!

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    Good job dad!


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