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Thread: Whittier / Salmon Run 1 ?

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    Default Whittier / Salmon Run 1 ?

    Has anyone hit this spot yet (lately)?

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    I was there with my boat about a week ago, Jim. I came in early to troll around the breakwater but winds were 30 kts/3' waves so I ducked in there. A guy and his daughter had caught 3 small, but dime bright coho in a total of 18hrs. fishing time. Talked to 4 other fishers who had been there about 4 hrs. with no hits. I got out of the shore fishers way and tried for a couple hrs. with all kinds of different for me. Saw one jumper there which was one more jumper than I saw out in the sound. Sounds bleak, but ya just never know other than the sure thing...dry lines catch no fish...good luck!


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