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Thread: Denali Highway ducks

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    Default Denali Highway ducks

    There's gold in them that hills...If by gold you mean ducks, and by hills you mean along that road? Then yes there's ducks.

    There's not huge numbers and you see mostly young-of-the-year juveniles but the variety is good and there's virtually nobody hunting them. So if you're headed up that way for big game bring your shotgun along. There are several lakes and ponds a short walk from the highway that obviously have birds but if you are willing to walk definitely glass the ponds and kettle lakes in the distance.

    This is me, Terra and two of the three birds we took. This was a dumb luck double--there were about a dozen of these birds along the lee shore of a 10 acre lake about 20 yards out. As I was creeping through the willows along the shore they flushed, wheeled and and crossed in front of me. I swung into the lead bird, shot and two ducks tumbled into the water. Terra did the rest.

    Oh, and since this all started out as stalk on the ptarmigan cackling behind camp that led to spotting swans in the distance that revealed the ducks...I was wearing orange when I shot these birds. I forgot my camera and my phone was charging in the truck. My buddies wife took this staged pic for me when I got back to camp.

    Anyhoo, it's a haul and the birds are sparse but they're there and the country is spectacular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik in AK View Post
    This was a dumb luck double.....I swung into the lead bird, shot and two ducks tumbled into the water.....
    Congrats...!!! I had me one of these on the second day of the season.... Just got done moving the decoys out further into the river as the tide was going out. As I returned to the blind, and the dog running around, some movement caught my eye to the left. It was a group of small fighter jets flying low over the gound at about a million miles an hour in tight formation. At first I thought they were shore birds, but as they approached on their strafing run I realized they were teal. I had about as much time to grab the scattergun, put it to my shoulder and just point into the center of the group an let off two quick shots. It all happened so fast that believe it or not I didn't even see a bird fall, but instead saw a tight group of feathers floating softly down. Headed over to the gut and there was one duck laying there in the mud. Sent the dog and thought that was least I got one bird for my efforts on a very slow day. But then as Sunny (the dog) and I sat in the blind he kept lifting his head, smelling the wind and whining. Then if I moved quick he'd dash out and start sniffing around until I'd call him back into the blind. He kept repeating this to the point where it dawned on me that maybe there was another duck over there. So we headed over to the gut again and sure nuff' there was another bird laying there in the mud that I had not seen. I'm pretty sure I got them both on the first shot because when I shot the second they were higher and I sure don't remember seeing anything fall then.

    Two things happened in the blind this year that I've never had happen. The first was on opening day when I shot a double and didn't realize it till my buddy told me and his dog found the second bird, and the second was the next day when it happened again...!!! But I'll take them

    And yes, I do remember seeing quite a few ducks up there last year while hunting caribou that I'd wished I'd brought the ol' scattergun. And I agree, it is fantastic country!
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