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Thread: Av gas between Cantwell and Healy?

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    Default Av gas between Cantwell and Healy?

    Just wondering if there is any place to get av gas between Cantwell and Healy. Thanks in advance. Ron.

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    Between them, or in them? There is very little between the two towns, so I have to assume the answer is no.
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    I do not believe either does, buts its been several years since I needed an option there. When I used to fly from Fairbanks to Anchorage in a plane with little "training" fuel tanks, I would carry a can or 2 and land at the Summit Strip, just south of Cantwell if it looked like the headwinds wouldn't allow me to make it to Talkeenta. I would land in Healy or Nenana northbound. At the time, Nenana, did not offer fuel, but I believe they do now.

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    Yes any where in or between or close to will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Av gas between Cantwell and Healy?

    Anchorage - Fairbanks leg fuel:

    South side commercial fuel stop: Talkeetna or Willow

    North side commercial fuel stop: Nenana or Fairbanks

    Options: Carry fuel and land at Healy/McKinley Village/Cantwell/Summit (Note, Summit and Cantwell are usually closed in the spring until about early June).

    Hope that helps

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