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Thread: Burger and Sausage Recipes

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    HI Folks,

    I am hoping to get some caribou next week. I'm looking for good burger and sausage recipes to try. Last year I made about 20 pounds of burger from my caribou using bacon for fat. I couldn't taste the bacon in the burger which was mildly disappointing. It was still good, though. Just tasted like caribou.

    My wife and a family friend both want some caribou burger without any added fat. This doesn't really make sense to me, but I am fond of them both so I am willing to try it. I could probably add fat later if necessary.

    Any favorite recipes to recommend? If we fill all three of our tags I should have much more to experiment with this year.

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    When I do my caribou burger I put in 2ea 2# pks of bacon ends and pieces from 3 bears of every 10# ofmeat depends on how fatty the bacon is

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    We grind almost all of ours without added fat, and it makes excellent burgers (and tacos, spaghetti, etc.). For burgers, we simply add one egg per 1 pound package of burger when it's time to make the patties. Mix it in by hand until the texture of the egg disappears, and they grill up just fine. Seems strange, but I honestly don't miss the fat that we used to use.

    As for having a bacon taste, I wonder if using bacon ends rather than strips would help? We had bacon burger made by Glenn's (a processor in Anchorage), and there was a definite bacon taste infusing every bite.

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    Bacon ends and pieces is correct, about 20% is what Glenn uses.

    As for seasonings to make sausage, Leggs brand has been excellent for our tastes. They make a bunch of different styles, breakfast, chorizo, andouille, etc....all are great.
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