Ok, you guys have been helping me with this old-ass 1984 suzuki dt25, I REALLY appreciate it, and it developed a new trick: fires up first or second pull, idles great, runs awesome on 1/2 to WOT, but while im cruising around if I throttle back quite a bit it bogs down and will die. Sometimes I can save it from dying by pinning the throttle once it starts to bog, sometimes not. Either way, it generally fires back up after and runs good. Until I get on it again, and then throttle back, it dies, rinse, repeat....just doesnt seem to like the lower end. This carb has been soaked in berrymans twice now, its sparkling, jets included, been blown out with air and carb cleaner. Im wondering there could be an air leak somewhere? What could cause this? Leak at carb to engine gasket? leak at fuel pump to engine mount?? Ive got the pilot screw set at the recommended 1.5 turns out, and that seems to be where it likes it.

HELP! Thanks!