My wife and I picked up a couple of Can-Am Outlander L 570's back in August. I was skeptical of the power steering option, at first, thinking it was just another unnecessary gimmick. I've ridden lots of ATV's over the years, and I've never felt the need for power steering. After the first ride on the new machines....WOW, power steering is a REALLY nice feature!

We have over 100 miles on them, now, and we're really happy with them. They have a comfortable ride and have plenty of power for what we're doing. I put a Terra 35 winch on mine, but I haven't needed it yet. The Kolpin Stronghold gun boot worked well this past weekend, as did the Rhino Grips. I carried the rifle in the scabbard and the shotgun & fishing rod in the grips on the front rack....ready for fur, fin, and fowl.

I am looking forward to getting some more riding done before the snow flies!