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Thread: Anyone in Fairbanks wanna go hunting?

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    Default Anyone in Fairbanks wanna go hunting?

    I'm fairly new to the Fairbanks area and waterfowl hunting for that matter (I've done lots of deer and small game hunting). If any waterfowl hunters in the Fairbanks area want someone to go with or wouldn't mind another person tagging along I'd appreciate it. I really want to learn more about waterfowl hunting and calling. I have a dozen mallard decoys, calls, a 12 gauge and a canoe. I'm usually done with work by 3 pm if anyone wants to go at night. Thanks!

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    That sounds awesome. Im unfortunately at Uaf without a gun, car, or waders or if gladly tag along. Ive duck hunted for quite some time down near wasilla.

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    I'd love to meet up with you and do some hunting! I'm new to Fairbanks, and newer to duck hunting. This is my 5th season. I've got a quite a pile of gear, 9 goose floaters, 24 duck floaters, a mojo, 34 shells. Also gun, waders, calls, layout blind, floating sled...I think that is it. I'm currently focusing on getting a moose till the end of the month but if I get one this weekend or after season ends (I've got the next 2 weekends) I'd love to get out and hunt with you. Send me a message with your phone and such and we can plan on a couple of meet ups!


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