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Thread: camping on the Kenai

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    Default camping on the Kenai

    Was wondering if there is any informal camping areas down on the Kenai, looking at heading down that way for dipnetting, I remember a few years ago when through Soldotna and you cross the kenai bridge and get to the stop lights if you make a left it will bring you out towards the small airplane airport and on the left there was a big gravel pit and a bunch of people were set up there with campers and such. Is that still on, or any other ideas, thanks Steve

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    That is now known as the Airport Hole and there's a ton of campers there and it's now off limits to fishing (check the red zones on the Kenai that indicate "Closed to All Fishing From Shore"). If you are looking for a non-fee place to camp on the Kenai, you're going to have to do it at the Sterling Hwy Bridge (south one).
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