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    A link on the 329 PD bought to mind that I have a 357 PD I've never even fired. I got it new at a close-out price when they were discontinued some years ago, and with a 329 PD just never got around to using it.

    Does any have a 357 PD they have used to any extent? The .41 Mag caliber looks idea for the model - less recoil than the .44 Mag and thicker cylinder so the cases are less prone to stick with heavy loads. I haven't checked out bullet selection, with the smaller caliber and cylinder length you could shoot a bullet with a better sectional density.
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    I'm green! I waited a bit too long when I saw a 357 at Sportsman's just before the Canadians took over. The Wife bought me a 6" 657 years ago and I really enjoy the gun. She's taken a liken to it so much (midrange lead loads) I hardly get to shoot it anymore. It's her home defense gun.

    While others are talking the best walkaround handgun, I think of the 357 and wish I'd jerked out my wallet.

    I wonder if we share a gene that causes us to keep a gun or two in the safe we haven't shot yet. Not a "I'm never going to shoot it." but "I just haven't got around to shooting it yet."


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