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Thread: Board cannot change gear types according to AG office

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    Default Board cannot change gear types according to AG office

    At a recent phone hearing on a petition to switch long line gear to pots the Department of Law indicated to the Board they did not have this authority. You can read the Department of Law comments at

    I think this ends the discussion of switching set net gear to some other gear type by the Board. CFEC can do it but requires a much more detailed analysis and findings.

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    Thanks Nerka. Basically it looks like switching gear changes the type of fishery. Makes can't have a limited entry gill net fishery, and then change gear to trotlines (for example), and still have a limited entry gill net fishery. It would become a new limited entry trotline fishery. And I think limited entry laws don't allow that to happen. However, I believe less drastic changes can be made, for example mesh size or lead-line weight - it would still be a gill net fishery.

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    Nerka was quite insistent about this point several years ago if I remember correctly.


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