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Thread: Launching a boat with my motorhome

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    Default Launching a boat with my motorhome

    I have a 31-foot class C motorhome. I want to use it to launch and retrieve a 22 foot Hewescraft Ocean Pro. I will be primarily going out of Seward and Whittier. However, in all my times to Whittier and Seward I have hardly ever seen motorhomes being utilized to launch boats. Why not? What am I missing?

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    Launching via motorhome in Whittier is perhaps possible, but the likelihood of it turning into a goat rope is pretty high. The steep, often slick, ramp may be too much for your rig to handle; the cramped area to turn around and maneuver at the top of the ramp will be a challenge and depending on your wheelbase and clearance getting high centered might be a risk. With good spotters you probably woudn't hit anyone, or anything, but the tourists there assume they, not you, have the right of way. It may be possible, but perhaps not wise. At any rate, you would need bigger ones than I've got to try that, particularly on a weekend. But hey, I find it kind of stressful with a good truck so who am I to say?

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    The best way to launch with a motorhome I've seen is with a front hitch.
    It is extremely easy this way.
    Seen it done a few times and it's really slick.

    My buddy has a front hitch on his Chev pickup and he uses it for moving campers, boats and trailers around his yard.

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    Your motorhome should be able to do it, thats not too big of a boat. The real question is: how comfortable are you backing down a trailer using only mirrors? I'm very good at backing down my trailer but I primarly look backward over my shoulder...I know it would be more difficult for me to use only mirrors.

    In Seward you might be able to get away with multiple course corrections as you try to back down the ramp...but in Whittier, on all but the quietest day, the the gang is far less forgiving if you're not expedient on the ramp. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of a profanity-laced tirade (with my young kids present) for something that took only an extra 20 seconds on the ramp. When retrieving, those 1/2 hour tunnel windows bring out the worst in some folks. I'm not excusing that behavior, just telling you what you might experience.
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    Default Launching a boat with my motorhome

    Every motor home I've ever see launch at Seward, whitter, Homer has to had the back of the motorhome in the water.

    I'm pretty sure the salt wins over time on rear of the motorhome.

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