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Thread: Sheep Permit?

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    Cool Sheep Permit?

    I am going to put in for DS102 and DS204 this winter. My question, what other sheep permit is a favorite? What three would you pick and why?

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    Cool sheep permit

    tok is always my first choice to apply for. however having gotten one for 2006 I now have to wait a few years before I can apply again.
    Delta is a popular second choice - there you have to decide between the early season (non-motorized) and the late season (motorized)
    If you apply for both, then you are done.
    After that it is a matter of what area interests you the most.
    Unit 14 has some nice sheep, but it is also a rugged area to hunt in some parts.
    Generally, I look for hunts with the highest draw percentage after #1 and #2 above. Most draw percentages are extremely low.
    Then keep your fingers crossed and find all the good karma you can until Feb. when the permits come out.


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