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Thread: S&w mp 22lr

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    Default S&w mp 22lr

    I bought a new toy on Friday and am very pleased with it... It is the Highlander model and some of the features that stand out are:

    1. Slimmer forend is VERY comfortable vs the hand biting standard multi rails many AR style guns run with. My grandsons will love this feature.
    2. Flip up Magpul sights are well made and easy to use...
    3. Weight at 5 Lbs is pleasant - again youth friendly...
    4. Camo is attractive
    5. Adj butt-stock tops off the youth friendliness...
    Mine right outa the box, ran 100 Rem Thunderbolts thru with only one jam. The magazines have a bit of a stagger to the bullet end of the rounds which seems a bit sloppy but it loads easy enough. 10 shots and I was grinding out the bulls-eyes at 25 yards - good enough for me.. Thought if any of you chaps were thinking of a new toy for you, or the grand kids, you might like to check this puppy out... Price is easy on the wallet also...
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    I bought the non-camo version back in June, with my six-year-old in mind. I put a red dot on it, and I can see him having a lot of fun shooting it.

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    Probably reflects more about me and my granddaughter than the world at large. But I took her in to look for a rifle and showed her one. After handling it, she gave it back to the clerk and said "Icky." Then she drifted on down the rack to a used Stevens 22 Crackshot and fell in love.

    Cost me a few pennies, but at least I get to shoot my 32 cal muzzleloader again, now that she's distracted with that modern stuff.
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    Bought the non camo version for my son a fee years back.. Put a red dot on it and he shoots quite good. Have trouble with hollow point ammo but have not tried to figure it out. Probably just need some polishing to make it work.
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