Two of us R2'd (2 paddlers) a 13' self-bailer from the Bertha Creek Campground down to the Six Mile whitewater put-in. The section from Bertha Creek is narrow and was a little boney at 9.5 on the Six Mile gauge 6" more water would have been nice.

We put-in just below the river wide strainer abeam the Bertha Creek campground bathroom. We needed to exit the boat about 5 times to either line around an obstacle or float over the shallows between the put-in and the first hwy bridge. Once below the first bridge the river eventually widens and more water enters from side streams. There is new wood present below the campground that wasn't there in June including another mostly river wide cottonwood that we lined around. Below the second hwy bridge there were only a few wood piles and sweepers that could be easily maneuvered around.

Use caution for shifting woodpiles on this river!