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    When I switched from the standard type anchor to a plow typeI needed to change my bow pulpit.
    I looked around for a while and could not find one that fitmy needs.
    I decided to make my own out of aluminum.
    I bought 2 pieces of 3/8 alum angle iron 2x 2 x 30
    And I bought one piece of 3/8 alum flat bar 4x 24
    I pre drilled most of the holes and cut the alum to theshape I wanted.
    I did not pre drill the mounting holes to the deck. Theyneeded to fit the old holes.
    I took the 3 pieces to my local welder and he finished theanchor pulpit.
    It would not be hard to make one out of stainless.
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    Looks like a win to me. Work pretty good?


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