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Thread: Quartz Lake Cabin Rental?

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    Default Quartz Lake Cabin Rental?

    Does anybody have contact information for the Quartz Lake cabins? I've heard there are 50+ cabins out there available for overnight rentals and was hoping to get my hands on one for this Saturday night. I'm taking my daughter and two neices out fishing for some silvers and trout.


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    Default Web Sites I know of

    Some rent 180 days in advance and are rented up fast, seems like some are more used by commercial operators and don't get used by regular folks. Good Luck.

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    The cabin's that I'm looking for I believe are privately owned. I took a look at the DNR website earlier while searching for these, and saw that one of the two cabins out there was available Sunday night, but not Saturday night.

    I guess we'll just make it a day trip.

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    Default Cabins

    I believe that your thinking of Black Spruce Lodge. But I think they are out of business. They used to rent cabins and boats. I havent seen them around the couple of times that I have been down there this year. I looked in the phone book and they're not listed and i did a google with no luck...Sorry bud..
    What are ya...a fisherman...or a catcherman?


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