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    i've had the same pair of neoprene waders for much too long and have grown tired of chasing leaks. i've already replaced them with a new pair but can't get myself to throw them away. seems like there is a lot of nice neoprene there that could be used for something...i just can't think of what. they are done being waders, but if someone has any ideas on how else i may be able to reuse them or cut them down to be turned into something else i'd greatly appreciate the ideas. thanks!

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    My wife would kill me if I were to pack-rat away a pair of waders that leaked, but jeez there's got be some use for it, right? Rather than keep the whole thing I'd probably part it out. Keep any buckles, save a couple big pieces of neoprene from the legs, and maybe keep the booties for wading socks. Toss the rest.

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    lol, i think i might try and make a shotgun carrying case in light of duck season being upon us...i can already see it now - a lot of work for something that probably won't work as good as a $10 case from sportsmans!

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    I would be willing to bet Stid2677 has done some projects like this and they probably turned out pretty cool.

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    Use it for patching the new ones Also works good for quick chaffing pads on boats or a wrap for propane tanks from knocking around and rubbing stuff up.
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