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Thread: Please illuminate me...scope question

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    Default Please illuminate me...scope question

    Been looking at Nightforce scopes and a few others...I have never had an illuminated reticle, other than a dot I put on my .22. Do I want one or no? It's hard to put out 1200 bucks on something you have never tried before...What do I need to know? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated..I would like to shoot to 500 yards.

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    Just be sure you remove the batteries when traveling. Ive had a few hunters show up with illuminated reticle scopes only to find the batteries drained when they arrived in hunting camp. The last one was a high dollar European scope with the on/off dial on the side. Luckily the scope performed fine without illumination.

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    I own 1, and it is on my 375H&H bear rifle. Only reason I own this one with the lighted reticle, is for defensive bear situations. Hard to see the contrast of the reticle in low light, thick brush and a dark wet bear.

    If far is your desire, I would forego the lighted reticle.
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    For night predator hunting they have value, but that assumes that "White" light is also legal. For daylight offensive hunting they offer zero, and in fact are a distraction and a hindrance.

    For general hunting they are of value for about ten or fifteen minutes of first and last daylight, hardly worth the cost or other issues, unless you were doing professional culling.

    Where they are of great value is high-speed defensive applications, when time is of ultimate importance, and quick (Even if crude) target acquisition is paramount. I have some with Green & Red & Blue illuminated reticle option, and I have yet to find a need for several color options.

    My overall assessment is that money would be better spent on up grading the quality of scope, and careful selection of useful (Non-illuminated) reticle. Only as an example: I find the German #4 or HOG'Plex and that class of quick target acquisition type reticle the equal, of the illuminated reticle for non-defensive application.

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    I have one on my AR 223 predator gun and find it very useful. Often the preds are out in low lite conditions and my poor old eyes just don't see like they use to. I find I can more precisely put the red dot on the kill spot than I can crosshairs. Mine shuts off after five min if the rifle has not moved so that's a big help.
    With real good lite it's no advantage, but with low(er) light of any kind I target shoot better with it than w/o it. No question.
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