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Thread: This ain't yer ol' yeller fishin' pole...

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    Default This ain't yer ol' yeller fishin' pole...

    Wright and McGill has sure come a long ways since the days of the old classic yellow glass sticks. With its recent makeover, the release of this new generation of bonafide salmon/steelhead rods represents the finest in fishing tools.

    Got a chance to put my hands on their magnum plug stick, designed to compete head to head against the venerable 10'6" Loomis SAR 1265, of which I have been a loyally devoted fan. Never thought I would ever say this but in my opinion the new W&M rod is head and shoulders above the Loomis. The king of Kenai backtrolling rods has just been de-throned!

    The W&M retains the soft tip of the 1265 that is so important for for allowing those K-16's to dance while letting the angler know just what the plug is doing at any moment.

    But the newer rod carries a little more meat mid-shaft and down into the butt. The Kevlar in the butt has a lot to do with it. Nothing worse than a rod that runsd out of butt when fighting a really big fish.

    The grips are absolutely the cat's meow. Comfortable and ergonomic foregrip with a triangular cross-section that does not allow the rod to torque in the anglers grasp. The "palm-swell" in the rear grip is also ergonomically designed, giving the angler more meat to hang onto. The butt end is finished with a bulbous durable cork-composite... ideal for maximizing comfort when latched to a giant fish with the rod butt seated tight against the anglers lower abdomen or groin.
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    Default thanks

    I wondered about that rod. I thought it was kind of heavy in my hand, but hey, it ain't supposed to be a free drifting rod. It certainly seemed to have the power in the lower end of the rod that's often missing in other moderate action rods. Thanks for giving us a report, Doc!


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