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Thread: Moose Cape Value

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    Default Moose Cape Value

    Heading on a moose hunt in two weeks. If we happen to kill a moose or two is it worth trying to save the cape to sell? I have no desire to shoulder mount a moose so the only reason to save the cape is to sell.

    Flying out so weight could be an issue but would cape one if there is a market. If there is is there a minimum neck diameter we should look for?

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    Raw a LARGE one is only worth about $250.

    If you flesh & salt it you might get $350 to $400. depending on the size & quality of hair. 38 to 44 inch neck are what folks are looking for

    Smaller ones are pretty much worthless.

    I have several from 40 plus inch bulls that I cant even get my fleshing fees out of.

    Also if you paying for the flight & it comes down to another trip to have to pay for to get all your Meat Antlers & Gear out, I would leave it for the wolves.

    I am still sitting on 3 Xtra large capes from last year that I cant sell , so I am not even buying any this year.

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