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Thread: Middle Kenai??

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    Default Middle Kenai??

    Going back up for the month of Sept and haven't drifted the upper middle below Skilak since 2012. Last time we had a 8hp and it once we got so far below the lake it was a one way trip, which was fine as we had 2 vehicles and took out at Bings anyway. Would a 15 be enough to push a 16' drift from Bings up that was I don't have to find a spotter?
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    You could do it with the 8 or 15, but it isn't gonna be very fast either way. Tough to get them on step no matter how much hp you put on the back end.
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    I second what Danner said. You could do it, but it's gonna take forever! When I put a motor on my 16' Clacka I was hoping to solve the shuttle issue. Nope, it's hard to go long distances upstream in a reasonable amount of time. Increasing speed above a certain amount is difficult in a drift boat because it's tough to control and hold on plane. Just increasing HP ain't gonna stop that issue. Alaska Canoe & Kayak in Sterling does shuttles for a pretty decent price from Bings to Skilak.

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    You could also call Sterling Taxi
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