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Thread: Looking for fly tying equip....

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    Default Looking for fly tying equip....

    If anybody out there is done with tying flies and would like to let your equipment go, I'd be glad to take it off your hands....

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    I have advised 4mer to snoop around for unused/extra tying gear before investing large sums of cash and not knowing what his likes/dislikes are. Any tier around for any time will always have too much of this or that. Way too much for just that person to use. (I remember that three ft ball of purple chenille I got cheap).
    I had excellent experience sitting down with Ak Fly Fishers years ago and got to see numerous 'kinds' of vices and diff methods of tying. That may not be possible on the KP. But I was hoping he could snag a unused vice and/or a tool or two to get him something to get him started. I know many of us have upgraded to a better liked vice, etc. My original was donated already in family but maybe someone out there has theirs still stashed away unused.
    I tied up about 50 much needed flies for my arsenal in July when the grandson was visiting us and wanted lessons. I hadn't tied up 10 flies in the last 8 years but I got the urge back again and WILL be tying this winter again.
    So 4mer, we'll see u down the road in a short while and we'll fish, have a cold one on the deck, and tie a few flies. At this early point I would hold off on spending much till u get some ideas of what kind of vice u like etc.
    Thanks for any help for my friend, fellow forum members.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine!


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