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Thread: Talley screws in Tikka receivers

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    Default Talley screws in Tikka receivers

    I was having problems threading Talley base screws into a Tikka receiver and found a thread on the archives relating to this issue, but with no resolution.

    I solved my problem by first screwing Weaver base screws from a set of Wvr 61 bases for the Tikka into the holes. The Weaver screws were tapered on the ends and would start and fit; the Tally screws were square-ended and would not start until I had chased the receiver hole threads with the Weaver screws. Then everything went smoothly. Any other tapered 6-48 screw should do the same job. The grooving in the Tikka receiver evidently caused problems getting square-ended screws to start.

    So, the threads in the Tikkas apparently aren't metric as was suggested in the archives.

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    Default Straight from the horses mouth

    I had two Tikkas and both had metric threads. This is not speculation! The distibuter took both back because they were told by Tikka that some got sent over with metric threads.
    These were 30-06 in stainless. This was also confirmed by my gunsmith. I had no problems with my other Tikka.


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