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Thread: Keeping small caribou antlers?

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    Default Keeping small caribou antlers?

    So I got a young caribou with small springy antlers, but I still wanted to keep them. Do the small springy ones last well outside? Is it worth it to keep? Also, what's the best way to remove the top of the skull? I was thinking sawzall, but that might be messy

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    Strip the velvet off as soon as possible. It's a lot easier when it's still fresh. A sawzall or hack saw works ok for cutting the skull plate. As for it being small doesn't matter. All antlers are cool to keep. After a few years you will end up with a nice pile of them.

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    Keep all antlers if possible. If you don't want them some one else will. I started hunting Alaska in the mid 60's and I consider that the tail end of old Alaska hunting. I was young and ignorant and did not appreciate it. Woe is me!

    Any way me and the old Springfield 30-06 slayed many a caribou and moose during the hey day of the Nelchina herd and Unit 13. At age 15 I left my first caribou and moose antlers in the woods as they were not very big. Shot them both the same day and realized later the bou was double shovel. This ignorance continued into the early 80's when antler restrictions showed up.

    Back then at my parents place on the Slana there was a very healthy moose and caribou population and the seasons and bag limits on caribou were very liberal, as there were not many hunters in the big scheme of things and the bears and especially wolves were kept in check. I foolishly thought it would last forever. Woe is me. The pipeline and airplanes and atv's changed Alaska hunting forever.

    I suppose 50 years from now these will be the good old days to many.

    I could write a book on this, woe is me! Any way, keep the antlers and you will be glad you did.

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    if you don't want to just lay the antlers on the mantle..
    find a knife maker and have him (or her) make you a custom knife...
    if someone was with you on the hunt: present them with one side, you keep the other.

    there's a lot of things you can do with antlers-
    make firestarters, by inserting a ferrous rod
    cut up to make buttons
    knives, knife handles
    dog chews.. (don't last, but is very healthy fer your pup)
    candle sticks
    leather tools

    and much more



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