I just bought a 15' Alaskan model kaboat that I am running with a Mercury 2 stroke 7.5. I used it this weekend on the Wood River for a bear/moose hunt. I wasn't carrying an awful lot of weight and the boat performed as expected except for speed. There were three of us in the boat (250, 315, and 120) with a 6 gallon tank and a spare five gallons of gas (way more than needed). As far as gear, I only had a tote with butchering stuff if we had the opportunity to take game. Nothing heavy.

It was a tight squeeze with three people, but that was expected. Really only wanted to take the adult, but his son's birthday was last week and decided he could tag along.

We weren't able to get in step and I'm not sure why. I think that the motor might have been underpowered? Maybe I need a new prop. I didn't have the trim set since I wanted the motor to have the ability to kick up if I hit a rock.

From reading the the other kaboat thread it seemed everyone was able to get up on step with similar horsepower.