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    the hassle of dragging out ladders and tying them off to the roof to brush the chimney out, or whatever, to be ( which becomes death defying) the older you get, drove me to fabricate a permanent" access ladder". Pull rope from ground level to pivot aluminum section on to roof. When done( from ground) pull rope to retract aluminum section to verticle ( permanent) spruce pole ladder. Ready on- the - whim![ATTACH=CONFIG]90177
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    Nice. Can you explain in more detail how the rope/pulley system works to position/hold the roof ladder in place?
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    IMG_20160821_103630364.jpg the end of aluminum section pivots on top rung ( 1 inch pipe)of vertical ladder from brackets I fabricated. No pulley, just a1/2 inch lag screw/ w eye. You can pivot it without slamming it in either direction because it's aluminum and very easy to control even with one hand . My wife can do it but she won't get on the roof. She say's it's a man's job!! Smart woman.


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