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    Does anyone know the best way to get to the top of snowhawk mountain? It is on my peakbagging list and I really don't know the best way to access it. It looked doable from the dome, but i don't know if it would be too boggy, or if there is a lot of bushwhacking. (Would you have to wait for firm ground?) Also, I hear you can take the way from the snowhawk valley trail, but i've never been there. Any help would be appreciated.

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    There's a trail (at least it's shown on my older state park map) that starts from the Arctic Valley road - just past the golf course, before the big curve, take the fork to the right, cross Ship Creek, and bear left at the next Y. The trail goes directly up Snowhawk Valley to a cabin in the upper bowl, and from there, I'd bet you could attack the peak pretty easily. Fair warning: I've never done this trail, but it looks like it would be way better than coming over from the Dome. If you go this way, please report back, because I've wanted to go check out the cabin and bag Ship Creek Hill, which is right there as well. -Gr
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    Thanks for the info Greg. I'm not sure when I'll get to climbing it, but I'll definitely post something when I do!

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    By far the easiest way to summit Snow Hawk Mountain is by starting at the trail head at the end of Basher, climbing to the top of the Dome and following the trail that leads Northwest. If the weather is clear you can see the trail going up to the top of Snow Hawk. You don't run into any brush or alders. It was a long day hike for me. Going up Snow Hawk Valley and cutting over from the upper valley would be a very long trip on a tenuous trail. I climbed Ship Creek Hill yesterday and the first part of the Snow Hawk Valley trail is very overgrown and muddy.

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    Cool,Thanks for the info. So do you just get to the top of the dome, then make your way down the valley until you can connect onto one of the trails going up snowhawk?

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    When you are on top of the Dome you'll see the trail going down the Dome to the valley and then up to Snow Hawk. I'd wait for decent weather so you can enjoy the view.

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    Just climbed Snowhawk. Took roughly 5 hours to climb the Dome, make my way to the top of Snowhawk, and back over the Dome to the car. Great hike... LOTS of moose!

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    Five hours is a good time considering how much elevation there is. I climbed it this summer for the 2nd time. If the weather is decent it's a beautiful view.

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    I agree, lots to see from the top. Snowhawk valley should be a good adventure next summer.

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