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Thread: Birchwood Citabria Crash

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    Default Birchwood Citabria Crash

    Its been a long year of accidents and paticularily tough for birchwood based aircraft and pilots. Thoughts with those who have connections with this one.

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    Update, 11 a.m. Sunday: Anchorage police on Sunday identified the person killed in a Saturday plane crash at the Birchwood Airport as 43-year-old Christopher Lampshire. His family has been notified.
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    Condolences to the family and friends. No disrespect for the pilot meant, just trying to learn to fly as safe as possible. Was discussing this with other pilots this morning, and it appears to be a stall trying to return to the runway after engine failure.

    Their recommendation for an engine out on take off was if you don't have speed or altitude, fly it straight as you can to the flattest spot available. Use the whole runway for take off, we all know our planes usually get off in much,much less and it's tempting to take off halfway down the runway instead of taxiing all the way to the end, but if something goes wrong or isn't sounding right, maybe you'll have time to get her back to the ground safely. The other tip was to not make your turn until you are off the end of the runway, and make sure you have your airspeed up before turning. If he was high enough, the other option may have been heading for the mudflats.

    Any other suggestions for engine out on take off scenarios? Merrill is tough off 23, not a lot of good spots to put down, a couple parks roads but lots of traffic a powerlines , maybe 34.

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    A sad situation and yes we must offer our condolences to the loved ones left behind, however now is an appropriate time to share the facts as it is fresh in our minds. Safety must be our priority and the reason the NTSB is trying to gather the facts so that in the future lives may be saved if a cause of the accident is determined. Fortunately we have witnesses to the accident and some factors are known. So often this not the case.

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    Condolences to the family of course.....and commenting after the fact we'll never know the issues (both minute and great) that lead to this situation, but a factual discussion is often beneficial IMO.

    I often wonder about the general theory of loss of power after takeoff at Merrill. 90% of my departures are 34....and maybe the logic is faulty, but while I don't try to set records, I do try to get airborne sooner rather than later with the idea that if something goes bad, maybe it will happen in time to get back on Runway 7 or maybe a taxiway or maybe just somewhere on airport property. Putting down North of 34 w/o power looks to be a nightmare. Of course, using all the runway and being still rolling and on the ground if something goes bad makes sense as well.

    Alternatively, I personally know three people that walked away from crashes either departing 24 (that should set the timeline ) or approaching there must be somewhere "suitable" to set down.

    Dunno. PF on takeoff is one of the issues that loom large for me.
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