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    Anyone ever use those commercial smoker bags that you can buy in the supermarket? Any positive/negative feedback? I'm skeptical that you can smoke five pounds of fish in them in 30 minutes like the directions say...

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    Maybe us small-town folks out here in the sticks are deprived...? I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you have a brand name or little better description? I'd be happy to try some out and report, but I guess I need to get a clue first! ;-)

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    The brand I bought is made by CMI Products. It's called "Smoker Bag." It's a small bag that has hickory chips somewhere in it. The directions say to stick it in the oven, stuffed with the meat to be smoked, for 30 minutes. I'm immediately skeptical that meat can be properly smoked in 30 minutes. What do you think?

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    that's probably just long enough to get the smoke flavor in the meat. I'm sure the meat still needs to be cooked/dried out depending on what you are doing at the time.

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    Yeah, I kind of think you're basically cooking the fish with normal oven processes, and the fish will taste smokey. That seems qualitatively different than smoking...

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    Default Skeptical too

    My wife told me this past weekend that she had bought some smoker bags for the salmon. I turned my nose up "what the hey??" But my wife is a certified chef so I don't question her when it comes to food; I just do as I'm told. I don't know about the 5 lbs but I took three slabs, probably 3 lbs, and did it 15 min on each side and it was absolutely perfect. I could not believe the intensity of the smoke flavor from a friggin bag! I highly reccommend them.


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