I know, I know...it is only early August blah blah. But I am just dying to get back on hard water and try some of the lakes here in south central! I haven't ever ice fished up here, but have been doing some arm chair research and have a few ideas. My 3 year old daughter got totally hooked on ice fishing last season in Utah and still asks daily if we can go ice fishing when I get home from work! If anybody has suggestions on Anchorage lakes, or nearby family friendly ones as well as any techniques I'm open to hear them. I have a Nils 4" auger that I set up with my DeWault drill, but I plan on getting a 6" most likely. I sold my tent, sled and heater, but plan on replacing with a Clam 1660 insulated so my wife can bring all the comforts of home to help with the 1 yr old. I also have my FishPhone underwater camera which I fell in love with last winter--slickest thing I've ever used to help learn a fishing area!