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Thread: Any Can Am 6x6 owners out there?!

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    Default Any Can Am 6x6 owners out there?!

    So a friend is getting serious about wanting to purchase a Can Am 6x6 but he has questions for someone with real seat time on one, not a salesman trying to make a sale. One thing he is torn between is 650 or 1000...any 650 owners that have put the machine through the paces pulling weight behind you? Did or do you wish for more displacement in certain circumstances or are you pleased? Fuel consumption between the 2?
    He wants to test drive one if nothing more than to feel the power steering but at least the dealer he tried to ask they said that's not done, to many liabilities? He uses a Foreman 400 and has for many years so the Can Am will be a different beast for him. I have a 13' Big Boss 800 and I see the 650 Can Am has more hp than mine but what about torque? We all know the po po 500 6x6 worked for many and I now a 650 should deliver but he's torn on if the Xtra cc's is worth the Xtra $$ or not. Any input at all out there?

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    My brother just got a 650 last month. Hauled 2 people plus 200+ lbs of gear across 5 miles of muskeg- he said it had plenty of power. He let me ride it (empty) and it is a hot rod. Very impressed with the acceleration. Even more impressed with the suspension. I used to think my Rhino had a good suspension... I went 0-45 in a short distance where I was surprised at my speed. I would have never gone over 25 in that area on my Rhino (lots of roots and moguls).

    I can't compare the bigger motor, but I personally can't see how anyone could need more than the 650.

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    I tried to send you a PM Akheloce but it's telling me your inbox is full. I was curious if your brother would mine passing his number on so my buddy could pick his brain a little on his opinions himself. If so feel free to pm me and thanks. Any other opinions on the matter?


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