Tried (for the first time) to water bath some pickled green tomatoes. Sadly 4 hours out of the canner only 3 of 6 pints make the "tink tink tink", the other 3 seem to make a dull "thud thud thud" when tapped with a butterknife. This was my first attempt at this type of canning, I've pressure canned salmon for decades and can't recall having a jar that didnt seal. The recipe called for only 1/4" headspace, I'm thinking that may be the problem? I'm thinking the 3 tinks can go in the pantry, the 3 thuds can go in the fridge? Sposed to "sit" 4-5 weeks but since theyre in vinegar and salt I'm thinking the thuds should be ok in the fridge for a month or 2 even if not sealed? Am I on the right track here?