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Thread: Hows the Chitna dipnetting

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    Default Hows the Chitna dipnetting

    We are going down this wednesday and would like to know what to expect. This by the way is the first time we have done this.

    Thanks Don

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    Hi......Hems hotline is probably best, 823-2200. He's a charter guy and knows the river as good as anyone and certainly is most up to date on current conditions(which can change quickly). Just called and recording from friday night said dipping was good friday and he expected it to be fair on sunday with it getting better late sunday and excellent on monday and tuesday...Unless, the river rises quickly which is a real possiblity as there's been a lot of rain "upcountry"...that same rain will make you drive to Tok and then the Glenn (aka the Tok cutoff) to get down to Chitina...the Richardson is closed at Ruby Creek, which is somewhere in that Black Rapids area...Even if you don't charter stop at O'Brien creek stop and talk with people at fish cleaning station or the charter guys (if they aren't too busy) to see how others are doing...Good luck Dipping...


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    Just got back late sunday (june 25). Hooking up with the charter baot is the way to go. You can climb the cliffs, but be prepared for steep ground. From all the scuddle and conversations we had, the best times to dip where during the late night/ early morning hours. Hem said that from midnight to 4am was the peak hours. A popular spot is exactly 6 miles from the gas station. There is a rather steep climb (take climbing gear and rope) down to a rock outcropping and a large backwater eddy. The charter boats drop people off here often. Call me a sissy but tying your self off is a good idea.

    Good Luck and have fun. Remember to take some Ibuprofen or Tylenol, you will be sore!!!!

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    Default Chitina Dipnetting

    Drove down last Friday evening through Tok, got in line for the charter at 4:30 am, was fishing at 6:30, caught 60 fish by 9:45, had two beers, on the road back to Fairbanks at 1:30 pm Sat, filleted 60 fish Sunday afternoon/evening.

    We couldn't have been more lucky. If you let the charter know that you have rope/harnesses to tie off, they'll be more likely to drop you off at the better holes but slightly more dangerous netting. We had ropes, life vests, and harnesses, but never were in any real danger.

    I reccommend the charter if you want to get fish fast, but doing it on your own can work too, just might take a day or two.


    FYI, Hem's commented that the fishing might be slow that day, then we got 60 fish in 3.5 hours, I don't call that slow, but it may have just been the spot we got dropped off at. They defintiely knew we'd have our limit by noon.

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    Default Photos?

    Just wondering if anyone would care to post some pics of the dipnetting action down at Chitna? Some of us haven't been there yet! Others want to dream, and the Lower 48 crowd probably doesn't know what this is all about! You Oregon / Washington folks... if the dams hadn't been built, this could be you on the Columbia!


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    Default Chitina Photos

    There's a vid link under the chitina set as well...



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