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Thread: Trouble on the Gulkana

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    Ok...I am not meaning to beat anyone up here but I want to take a few seconds to point out what can happen when we under plan out raft trips...

    This evening I was greeted at my front door by a gal who needed help because of flipping a raft on the Gulkana. No big deal but.....

    The group was a quick afternoon trip with about 10 kids (2 under 7) 1 small raft, 1 canoe, 2 inner tubes (Wal-mart type) 2 adults and a river running full. The kids were stuck on an island and had been there for almost 2 hours by the time I had gotten there. The raft was loaded and hit a sweeper/log jam, swamped and the kids were luck to make it to the island. I grabbed one of my smaller rafts that was quick and ran a 45 degree ferry line to the island and back a few times each time with a load of cold, scared kids! Took me about 30 mins. to get them all back on the correct side of the river and then we had to deal with the raft which was on the wrong side of the river....Long story short we got them all back safe and sound.

    Lessons: Don't over stuff a raft! 9 kids, 2 adults in a 12 foot Gary King Raft! Good lord! The oarsman was really over his head 15 seconds into this trip. Always know your limitations and prepare for the worst! Take more adults than you need! Take a dry bag with dry clothing, take some form of communication. and the list goes on..

    I speak to groups every week about the river. The Gulkana is a user friendly river most of the time but just like any river respect her!!

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    Sounds like learning experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iofthetaiga View Post
    Sounds like learning experience.
    Atlas for me!

    I was wet, cold and tired after it was all over!


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