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Thread: Aftermarket center console

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    Default Aftermarket center console

    I've been searching for a center console to install in my 16' riveted jonboat. I've got a side console now and its just not what I want.

    Do you know where I can get one in Anchorage and how difficult they may be to install?


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    I built 3 last fall one of which was for my Father in law. He told me the other day he was going to remove it because he decided that converting his motor from a tiller to a remote steer wasn't economical. There were no holes put in it yet, it was simply mounted in the boat. If your interested in it I'll talk to him and see if you guys can work out a deal.

    They aren't that difficult to install, the only issue that I can see is if you currently have a side console will the controls be the correct length if you moved it to the center. If they aren't you would have to also purchase new controls or cables.


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