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Thread: Which of these two Garmin GPS/Fishfinders do you like the best?

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    Default Which of these two Garmin GPS/Fishfinders do you like the best?

    I've been studying and researching Garmin GPS/Fishfinder units trying to decide which unit to install in my new Ocean Pro. I think I've narrowed it down to the Garmin 7608xsv and the Garmin 840xs. I have compared all of the technical details and differences on paper, but I am looking for some "real world" experience from ya'll with either one of these units. And especially from anyone who has had the opportunity to use and compare BOTH of these units. Which do you like better and why? The good, the bad, and the ugly, please!

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    I had a Garmin touchscreen gps/finder a few years ago. a 740 I believe. I hated it. The unit worked great and great picture ect. My issue was if you had cold or wet fingers it would work if and when it wanted. About like trying to work a cellphone in the cold with gloves on. I went back to a unit with buttons and am much happier. Another Garmin product. I just didn't care for the touchscreen. In a warm, dry boat with warm hands it worked great. just on cold wet damp days with cold wet fingers was an issue. I know others love them as we most all are used to our smart phone and tablets and the touch screens. But I'm happier with my buttons that always work.


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