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Thread: Date change Archery Moose 15A

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    Default Date change Archery Moose 15A

    Years ago it started on the 10th of August. Way too hot. I submitted a proposal to change the date. It was changed to the 20th. Well this year it starts on August 22nd. Don't get caught hunting in a closed season. I know that first year they changed it, there were a bunch of hunters that went out on the 10th anyway....unknowingly?
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    People still hunt moose around here anymore...???

    Thanks for the heads up....
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    So you are who I have to thank for that one. I was going to use that early archery moose hunt to begin exposing my son to hunting by taking him with me. It was a great option as I could take him for a little chunk of time before school starts. After school starts, it gets pretty busy even on weekends with sports. That early hunt would have been nice without any conflicts. Then the year I was going to take him, the dates got mysteriously change later in the year during school. So much for that idea.

    Thanks for noting the date change again this year. I would rather it get moved back to the 10th though. There isn't that much temperature difference between the 10th and the 20/22nd.


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