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Thread: Robertson River

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    Default Robertson River

    Any here familiar with the "trail" up the Robertson?

    Thanks, John
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    I heard rumors too, and went to find it, but i bushwacked around on either side, and didn't really find anything

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    There is an ATV trail on the West (Delta) side of the river. It starts from the parking/camping area just before you get to the bridge. From the last little camp spot, walk about 600' West along a pipeline clearing and follow the trail as it turns South into the woods. It's pretty well used for the first 1/8th mile and then deteriorates to crap the farther you go. I walked in about 1 1/2 miles to look at some land that was for sale at about 3 miles. There is no way I would take my ATV on that trail. It's a very old trail with a couple of hunting tree stands, it might also be something the surveyors made when the State OTE land was offered in the area ten or twelve years ago. The swamps are murder to walk across and the ruts from old ATV travel are still open and bottomless. Lots of dead-fall trees across trail, you would need a chain saw.
    Hope this helps.


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