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Thread: Hornady custom lite

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    Default Hornady custom lite

    I'm interested if anyone has any experience with Hornady custom lite in 30-06. I want my 12 year old son to be able to shoot my Winchester m70 featherweight on the upcoming tier 1 season. I'm concerned it still may be a bit much for recoil and if the bullet would be sufficient for a clean kill provided he hits the correct area. He doesn't weigh but 90 lbs and this would be the largest rifle he has shot to date. Any info would be appreciated.

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    The hornady sst was/is known for coming apart at higher velocities. They also say hornady redesigned the sst and used a thicker jacket and the newer sst don't have the failures like the old ones.. Caribou aren't hard to kill keep the range witching 150yds and that 125gr bullet should do just fine.

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    I've used the Remington Managed Recoil rounds... they work as advertised and there's no reasons the Hornady version should be different.. I'd have no qualms about using them on caribou out to 150 yds or so.

    Felt recoil is on par with a .243 or a .22-250- my son had no issues with it at all at 10 years old. Put good ear protection in and let him have at it.
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