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    Well I was lucky enough to get drawn for this hunt. Is anyone else heading up there, that might be looking to split expenses or maybe camp in same area and share notes. I dont mind solo hunting but would hate to have a breakdown (vehicle type). I drew this tag 1 time before but only had the opening weekend and it was real hot, hunted by grayling lake and only seen some cows. then I drew the area north of coldfoot but the weather was absolutely terrible high winds and rain for 9 of the 10 days we hunted and only seen 2 moose.

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    I've got the tag too but our truck will be full up already. I'll be heading up to the slope to hunt caribou here at the end of the month and then spending the second week of our hunt on the moose. We're going to be around the Kanuti and arctic circle area I think. If you're up there maybe we can work something out. We'll probably be hunting moose by about Sept 4-5.


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