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    Hasn't been much discussion about the late run Kenai Kings. What's up with the lack of an update from ADFG yesterday? We went from daily sonar king counts, to bi-weekly updates, to maybe an update during the last week of the season? Seems to be a fair number of kings around but still not like the days of old. The high winds may be a blessing and keep the nets out for a good last hurrah tomorrow.

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    It's been talked about, and from what I've gathered most believe king fishing on the Kenai hasn't been this good in years. Did you guys see the pic of the estimated 88#er caught in the F&G net? Other than that I saw what looked like around a 70#er caught and a fellow coworker caught a 54 the other day. Also heard of a 61#er caught on the Kasilof last week.
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    wait till they get the gill nets out as I hear it is coming not sure about this year but next year for sure ,
    the feds said it was OK it & was good SID


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