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Thread: Small Boat Launch in Whittier?

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    Default Small Boat Launch in Whittier?

    I noticed back behind the shipyard in Whittier their is a small concrete pad boat launch. But theres a sign that says no trailer parking. Is this just a spot to launch kayaks and things? Can I put my Zodiac in there and park elsewhere?

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    I think you pay to park there. It's regulated by the railroad so tickets may be steep!

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    But I have a trailer so I would have to park elsewhere, I just didn't see any sort of sign for launch fees is why I ask. Also to avoid the **** show at the marina.

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    I'm not 100% positive how much room there is but it is a small boat launch so I would imagine you can park a trailer there. It is Whittier though so I wouldn't be surprised if you'd have to park by the tunnel and walk back. All I can recommend is to either just drive back there and look or you can call the harbor masters office and get a definite answer.

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    You mean Smitty Cove by the end of the big barge docks.?

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    You should announce it to several hundred other people on the internet. They are Everywhere.........

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    Good thing i just sold my boat or I'd have no where to launch when it's busy in whittier. I sure miss the small launch they got rid of. So many people were scared of it, it was always empty.....
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    you can launch there, and the last time I checked there was a pay box with envelopes, however in the last couple of years the RR purchased (or traded something) for the land that used to be the parking lot, so now you have to park your truck and trailer all the way back at the normal parking lot with all the other trucks and trailers, which totally negates any advantage there once was for using Smitty's cove launch...

    I used to beach launch my zodiac from the "beach" at the head of the bay, but always used an ATV for fear of getting my dually stuck below the tide line. Problem is that it is rather rocky and the rocks below tide line are covered in mossy slime making it a PIA... I finally gave in and joined all the other lemmings in the giant conga line at the main dock..
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