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Thread: Kawasaki Teryx4 ?

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    Question Kawasaki Teryx4 ?

    Started out looking for a pair of 2-up ATV's for the wife & me to haul around 2 kids that are not yet old enough to drive.
    Wanted to avoid the "Crew" and "Max" models because they seemed too long and low to provide good ground clearance.

    Then saw and test drove a Kawasaki Teryx4 which is based on the standard length Teryx chassis. Instead of stretching the frame, Kawasaki just sacrificed most of the cargo bed, in order to fit all 4 seats onto a 85" wheelbase. Turning radius was really tight for a SxS, too. Sales folks kept saying that the Teryx, and Kawasaki's in general, were better built and more reliable than other brands, even the other brand that they sell. But, that's "Dealer Speak". I'd rather hear some reports from actual owners out there.

    What are your experiences with Kawasaki ATV's & SxS's in general, and the Teryx4 in particular?

    Thanx, Dave.
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    Personally if I was looking for a machine like this I would take a long hard look at the Honda pioneer. They do the same thing with the additional seating in the cargo box. I would buy a Honda all day long over a kawi but as always ymmv. Good luck in whatever you choose
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    I just bought the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe. I've been out 4-5 times already. I absolutely love it. Can comfortable fit 5 people. Then when not hauling people around, has plenty of room for hunting gear. It has a six gears for high and low. You can switch between manual and automatic transmission and also has a paddle shifter like the sports cars. Had a sport mode so you can wind out those gears for more speed. Four wheel drive with diff lock, turf mode, four wheel limited slip, and two wheel drive. No more belts
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    I have a 14 Teryx4 and like it alot, went from a rhino to get the 4 seat option and it will haul 4 big guys(1000+ lbs) and some gear thru the nasty stuff all day long. I looked at the Honda(good machines) but the leg room in the back was no comparison, I like the fact you can chose how many people will ride and fold the seats up but not that you can only get a 4' person back there. My buddy is 6'3" and can sit comfortable in the back seats of the Teryx.
    The other main reason is the shorter wheel base than a regular 4 seater, it doesn't feel that you are docking a barge when you turn and is exactly the same dimensions as another buddies Viking(wheelbase and width).
    Motor is twin cylinder smooth and it will throw some mud anytime you want just mash it. Pulled 800 lbs in tow with 4 bodies in swampy crap and never even felt it, no belt heat or engine temperature etc.
    I only wish I would have done it sooner.


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