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Thread: 8'X8' BOMBSHELTER Tent NEW, what is it worth.....???

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    Default 8'X8' BOMBSHELTER Tent NEW, what is it worth.....???

    I have an as new 8X8 green fly for a Barneys Bombshelter I would like to but a value on.

    or plan "B" is to buy a set of used poles.......

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    Well.............New the Fly is $451.00

    So I am going to sell the as new 8'X8' Bombshelter tent fly (FLY ONLY). or I am wanting to buy a set of used poles and spider.

    Anyone have extra would sell ???

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    No poles to sell, but I have repaired the poles on my Bombshelter clone*. I think you could make a close facsimile of the original poles by investing some time and a few resources. Rather than swaging or crimping down the nesting portion of the aluminum tube I just epoxied in a smaller diameter piece to serve as the ferrule. Only trick is bending the elbow to the right angle and getting your hands on a spider.

    *My clone was made by a factory in China and sold by 6th Ave Outfitters. They don't sell the tents any more, it wouldn't surprise if there were legal reasons why since it is visually an exact replica of the Bombshelter. My poles were made of some low grade aluminum and suffered extreme corrosion which resulted in a break during a hunting trip.


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