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Thread: Mountain goat Shadow box

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    Default Mountain goat Shadow box

    This spring I went to Kodiak to try the spring goat hunt. I skipped the fall to see if spring was nicer weather, longer days, etc. after 5 days in the tent with 100 mph winds. It cleared up 1 March and I made the best of it and took a couple goats. While beach combing I found a shed, cool rocks and elected to euro the skulls and sell the hides.
    This is what I came up with

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    Very cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwfishak View Post
    Very cool.
    Agreed and congrats!
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    That's pretty cool. I don't know too much about that hunt, how difficult were the shots? A mountain goat is on my list for next year. Hopefully I can find a good price on a trip.


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