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Thread: Power steeering kit for Big Boss?

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    Default Power steeering kit for Big Boss?

    Any one know where I can get a power steering kit for a 2011 Big Boss 800, and have any of you ever put an after market one on?

    I drove a wheeler last year that had it so now I want one.

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    I would imagine SUPERATV would have one on there website but I haven't checked. I bought a kit for my 03' Foreman 450S a couple years ago and installed it. At the time the application for that specific wheeler was new and I was one of the first to purchase one so the directions weren't the greatest and even a phone call about the fitment issues I was having didn't yield great answers although they tried and we're very polite as well.
    In the end I simply had to remove a bracket the cdi was attached to and reweld it to the frame a few inches away. The kit works great and I have had no issues with it....does it work just as well as my Wife's Grizzly with factory EPS? No, not quite as effortless but I would install it again if I need to. I think back then it set me back 700 and change.

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    Mechanic for Polaris put one one his 6x6. Sold machine to another guy later on. Power steering broke pretty far out in the country. When they returned with a trailer to retrieve it, the bears had torn up the seat and destroyed 3 of the 6 tires.


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