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Thread: Leader Setup for Middle Kenai Float

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    Default Leader Setup for Middle Kenai Float

    Anyone got tips on setting up an 8wt 9ft fly rod for a float on the middle Kenai? We'll be bead fishing. Looking for leader length, peg or tie a slip knot, size of strike indicator, etc. Any hints would be appreciated. I've floated with guides before, but can never remember how they rig it.

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    Leader length depends on the water level. The higher the water, the longer the leader. I fished the middle on Monday and current water levels require at least an 11' leader. Peg your bead, let it free slide, or use a nail knot 2" or less from your hook. Some guys like to peg their bead, others don't. Try it all three ways to find out what you prefer.
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    9-12' leader, I taper mine but straight 12-15lb mono is just fine as well. Thingamabobber or Airloc indicator. I like the 1" versions. Be willing to adjust your indicator for each water level you fish. Split shot to taste about 12-14" up from the bead. Bead to match the current drop as well as possible. I peg my beads just under 2" from the hook. Be willing to change beads as well. The fish are there, it's up to you to figure out what they want to eat. Also, fresh flesh flies should work pretty well now too.


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