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Thread: Land permit needed?

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    Default Land permit needed?

    I have fielded numerous questions this summer from rafters about land access along the Gulkana River. Lots of folks are doing the right thing and seeking out info as to where they can camp along the river and there seems to be a bit of misinformation coming out of ATHNA on what is public and what lands belong to the native corp.

    1st- From Paxon Lake to Sourdough is BLM most is part of the Wild and Scenic River system. This is a high use area and the BLM has designated camp sites so there is reduces impact upon the river and it makes it much easier for the River Crew to keep it clean. This is ALL PUBLIC and does not require any ATHNA permit.

    2nd-Sourdough to the Richardson HWY bridge. This is about 26 mile section and most groups do in in 2 days/ 1 night and there is lots of private lands including ATHNA. Some how folks are being told that they need a ATHNA permit to camp in this section and that is not true as long as you stay along the river section i.e...High water mart to High water mark-Bank to Bank. This is public land because it is part of the river system and needs no permit. If you choose to camp above the high water mark ( in the trees) you are now on private land, most likely ATHNA and yes you do need a permit. There is really no need to go up into the trees/ATHNA lands because there is plenty of public land to camp on and it is not a good choice to camp in the trees- Insects and bears. There is plenty of fire wood along the river and once again no ned to go onto private land.

    I hope this clears up any confusion about what is public and what is private. I am attaching the BLM floaters guide which is very useful and all up river floaters should read it as it provides plenty of useful information.

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    Thank you.


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